A: Chris David’s hilarious and interactive Comedy Hypnosis Show is a fast paced, clean show that features volunteer audience members who become transformed into enthusiastic performing stars! The show begins with an entertaining introduction to hypnosis that gets the audience laughing and excited to participate.  Then Chris invites 15-30 volunteers on the stage to sit in a semicircle of chairs.  Chris performs a theatrical hypnotic induction and then the real fun begins. Chris suggests outlandish characters, different environments and comical situations and has these performers behaving like superstars!  The power of the imagination is limitless as every show is unique and crafted to entertain a wide variety of audiences.

A: The show is about an hour in length.  It can be cut back or extended depending on your needs.  Chris utilizes the latest hypnosis techniques making the show a fast paced action packed program.

A: Most spaces that will hold an audience will work well.  Chris has performed on large theatrical stages, in conference rooms, gymnasiums and even in private homes.  As long as the audience can see the performers everyone will have a great time.

A: They are chosen randomly, having volunteered during the show.  No one is ever forced to participate.

A: Yes, it is a clean show with no offensive material.  You can rest assured that when you bring The Chris David Comedy Hypnosis Show to entertain at your event the audience will have a great time and no one will feel embarrassed or offended by the material.

A: Yes.  Hypnosis is a relaxed and natural state of mind that each of us experiences everyday. Watching television, reading a book… daydreaming about our next vacation.  When we become very relaxed and focused our mind settles into a natural and suggestible state called the Alpha State.  Stage Hypnosis is completely safe for everyone involved, including the audience and Chris is a trained professional with experience.  He is a Certified Stage Hypnotist and is Safe On Stage Certified.  In addition, for your comfort and safety, Chris carries a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy.  (We have never used it, nor do we ever intend to.)

A: Yes. Chris is an international performer and we will travel to perform for any English speaking audience.

A: The cost of the show is dependent on variables such as show length, travel expenses and customization.  Please call 1-888-820-9544 for specific information regarding your event.

For other questions or to request a demo video please call

Toll-Free: 1-888-820-9544